Mr. Smithee.

Smithee is an intelligent, deliberate individual who can’t remember what happened prior to meeting Billy and the Zombie Apocalypse that followed.  However, the past does break through in occasional nightmares and intrusive flashbacks at the worst times.

Nobody knows how to detect and kill Zombies quite as well as he does. A skill that makes a deadly duo once he met Billy and they teamed up to fight the Zombie menace.





Ex-Mercenary for hire and bounty hunter. Killing things and being compensated is the name of his game. A perfect match with Smithee who can sense a Zombie like nobody else!

Billy can be temperamental and hot-tempered as opposed to the quiet Smithee. They don’t always agree on things, but Smithee knows how to home-brew soda to Billy’s satisfaction, and that is good enough. For now.




Rex – The Dog.

Rex makes for good pacing filler and an objective commentator. An orphaned dog that took a liking to the duo once he saw an opportunity for a free meal.