How did Smithee come to be?It all sprang from my survivalist imagination. I was day dreaming about is it possible to make color pictures from cheap B&W video surveillance cameras in the post apocalyptic world? That led to  wondering how I could do printing of pictures and art in the imaginary post-apocalyptic world? I always lovedthe etchings and engravings in old books. So I determined to learn how to do that kind of printing myself. I embarked on a  year’s journey into learning to do dry  point etchings. It became boring and I wanted a new challenge.I had a New Year’s resolution to print a comic book via-etching. I knew nothing about comic books. Enter Garvin Lee – my buddy and expert comic collector who introduced me to the world of comic books. He also did some photographic posing for a loose story about Zombie hunting. Why Zombie hunting? I had a crossbow and a fedora hat along with some leather jackets for props. From those props I came to the logical conclusion of a Zombie hunter.

Once I decided to actually come up with a real story, I decided to do the art in the same style I would if I was to print them via etchings..

Now continuing along the lines of imaging printing out comic books in the post-apocalyptic world,  I would weave the story’s around a survival skill so I could entertain, while secretly passing along valuable information under the radar.

Thus came about the mission behind Smithee Guides – which is to telling a good story while educating you in order to alter the future so maybe the Zombie Apocalypse won’t even happen!

So, I hope you enjoy and survive!