I had a blast at the Comic Expo this past weekend. My books were there too!

I handed out a bunch of little flyers and business cards, and on impulse went back sunday for some panels. Sunday was a lot quieter whereas  Saturday the line for tickets was like 30 minutes? The volunteers helping out with the line Saturday were The Black Widow in full leather and Jonna Hex among others.

I think this con has shaken the 8 year old stigma about comi-cons in vegas. I felt skeptical myself, but this thing rocked! Big name artists mixed in with locals. Big name like Benitez and Layton amoung others. Benitez was very easy going and always took time to talk to you or autograph how ever many books you had without complaint. Layton was also courteous. I saw some tremendous artists there. Some even using a brush like the one pic of the guy doing the sketch cover. The detail, the manic mind numbing amount of detail!! Chao was doing this one with really really fine lines, fine like in a 20 dollar bill fine. Now that’s fine lines! Mind blowing. I came away feeling very very small under  the shadow of great artists like that.

From the digital comics panel I took away the advice to do books for both digital and print markets because they aren’t the same people, so why loose out on that whole other market share?  The main artist does it old school by hand, which creates works he can sell to make up for diminishing page rates.

I was encouraged to hear story’s about guys who start out self publishing (like me) and get contracts with the big boys. They are kind of my heros. I even met one of the Hernandez brothers (Love and rockets) and got to  chit chat a minute. Have you ever read the  Wikipedia bio on Layton? He started out back in the day with self published fanzines. One thing led to another and one day her heard the editor for Marvel on the phone scrambling to find someone to ink some soon to be due IronMan pages, and he stuck his head in the door and said he could do it! They let him try, he pulled it off, and that was his break. He saved their bacon, and they were great full, as Layton told me.

It was fun coming at it not so much from a consumer perspective, but these are my peers and I want to talk to them mentality. I found almost everyone very nice and more than willing to talk and consider going to check out my comic. Though I have heard over and over ‘sure, I’ll check it out’ and the metrics never prove out. But all it takes is one that becomes a true fan to make it worth it!

I think I did make a fan there – a fellow ACC person I never met cause she goes to the comic shops on the other side of town. I even got to sit behind the table a little while and chit chat with her. Very nice person. But I am very shy and spontaneous conversation is very difficult for me. But, I signed my comic she bought, she did a sketch in my autograph book. It was nice.

I left a promo copy with the guy from blackline comics, gave another one to someone really interested, & traded mine for another fellow ACCers’ comic.

All in all a great – exhausting – humbling – stimulating experience!