Herein we find out who REALLY attacked Billy that dark night. It was a monster indeed, but not the one we thought it was!

At work I’ve always been low on the grapevine, and tend to find out things long after everyone else does, so aong those line, I just find out from the ACC site that our dear ACC member and published artist Scott Clark Passed on Feb. 22 at the young age of 43!He worked on comics like Storm Watch and Brightest Day. He also hung out with us regular folks at the ACC meetings just like one of the guys, freely sharing his wisdom and advice with anyone who wanted it as well as sharing his latest art. He really was a gentlemen and a professional. It will leave a void not having him there.

I did an etching of him with his fellow artists back in 2011 I’m going to put on Smithee’s facebook as a tribute.