I spent the weekend figuring out the cover for issue 2, and here it is! I had fun making it. I hand drew the poster, nailed it to a tree and stuck a knife in it and took reference pictures. I kept waiting for a neighbor to walk by an wonder what on earth I was doing.Smithee is on his way to kick furry ware-wolf butt and get some serious answers as to what REALLY  happened to his friend Billy.

I will also introduce a type of Zombie called a Faustie. This is a person who made a deal with the Evil Dr. and ended up regretting it because when you make a deal with the Dr. and you decide you don’t like being a living dead person, tuff! You’re alive, but all the advantages to being one of the Dr’s zombie slaves are deactivated. Nobody wants to be anywhere near you. Instead people delight in damaging you while letting you live. Very miserable indeed. They usually don’t survive very long.

This is also the first time you get to see Smithee’s special hand made exploding arrows. They make quite a mess, but dispatch Zombies pretty effectively while also dislodging the eye sensor the Doc uses for tracking.