Hello there.

This was another ‘mask’ drawing I did just for the sake of drawing. There is

no plan, no design, just start with one shape and DRAW! This began with the

big eye.

Mr. Smithee is on vacation. I had another bought of artist angst and just have

to set that aside for now. I’m just bursting with other short term projects

like this one, and Smithee was draining the life out of me and compromising

any energy I had for ‘fun’ stuff like this. The comic became a project maintained

more out of duty and fear of making anyone unhappy if I didn’t. Ultimately, duty

can’t sustain an artist’s heart for long. Let me tell ya, sticking to one subject for

4 whole years is MONUMENTAL for me. But, oh what I learned along the way!

One thing I learned is to have stuff done totally before putting it out. Smithee

was done totally seat of the pants, on the fly, stream of consciousness. And that

was due to lack of confidence. Now I don’t care if people like it or not.

I think my motto is now – “updates whenever the heck I feel like it!”

I’ve tried to be to the good pro comic artist. I’ve tried being a perfect updater and

follow all the rules. I pretended (to myself anyway) to have it all together.

Well, guess what, I suck at it! Looking back it all felt forced and fake. I value

honesty now more than perfection. I’d rather put out a hand drawn, heart felt,

artistically awfull piece with heart than try to pretend and play the game.